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I am using Yola.com for some of my sites dealing with Jamaican history. Those that are most complete deal chiefly with schools and education. Do check them out!

 . . . sites well on the way

The Collegiate School, Kingston, Jamaica

One of Jamaica's most prestigious schools, today all but forgotten.

Father Raphael of Jamaica

This site deals with the career of a remarkable and somewhat mysterious Black Jamaican who became a priest in the Greek Orthodox Church.
Fern Gully, Jamaica

This site provides some information on one of Jamaica's most famous landscape features.
Jamaicans at Howard

An account of the Jamaican men and women who studied at Howard University between 1890 and 1940.
Rockfort Gardens

Rockfort Gardens, situated in the bend of the Windward Road where it turns down towards the Harbour, was one of Kingston's premier entertainment venues between 1899 and the 1940s, but is today all but forgotten.
Kingston's Great Fires

So far this is a bare outline of the story of Kingston's fires, but I will fill in the gaps as time goes on.

Jamaica - multiple births

Pretty much self-explanatory!

. . . work still in progress

Great Jamaican Teachers 

information on some of the excellent teachers in Jamaica in the late 19th and early 20th centuries

cycling through Jamaica's history

how the bicycle came to Jamaica and what happened after that

in 19th century Kingston

how to get around the city

Are they really gone?

A site dealing with extinctions of Jamaican animals.

Jamaican International Exhibition 1891

This site is barely started, but it is a project I have been working on in various media ever since we put on a centenary Exhibition at Wolmer's Girls' School in 1991.
. . . just an ordinary Jamaican

some pages devoted to the lives of ordinary Jamaicans.
Kingston University College

This is a start on an account of the University College at Hope in the 1890s.
Montego Bay Academy

A brief outline history of an important Presbyterian educational institution in Jamaica.
Soon Come

An on-going site of my favourite Jamaican words and phrases.

other sites I've put up:


'hulks' in Kingston Harbour, c 1806

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